Cluster F ’15 Leaves it Late to Take the Honors at HCIA Cluster Cup Happy Hour Carnival


This year’s HCIA Cluster Cup Happy Hour Carnival was one for the ages, with record participation levels in a closely fought event. Guess Your BAC, Twister, Sex Ed Trivia, Pin the Organ on the Skeleton and Urine Sample Cup Flipcup were amongst the events that saw the Class of 2015 duke out it out to win the most tickets. Amongst these, Pin the Organ on the Skeleton confirmed that basic biology should be added to the Core; Twister saw some of the 2015 class get to know each other on a whole new level; while, Guess Your BAC proved to be amongst the most popular as students competed to estimate their own levels of inebriation. A record level of 4.3 was blamed on a more-likely equipment failure!

Despite the lack of their usual variety of beer options, Mel’s Burger Bar served some exceptional cuisine, satisfying a ravenous crowd as participants worked up a hunger completing the evening’s various tasks.

The night was not short of drama. Cluster B ’15 held a dominating lead at the halfway point as an early surge of enthusiasm and some accurate pinning of the ‘Organ on the Skeleton’ gave them a deserved lead. A late burst from Cluster F ’15 saw them just push over the line and take the HCIA Cluster Cup crown. Congratulations to them on a well deserved victory.

A special thanks to all HCIA members who volunteered to set-up and run the carnival and ensure it was a night to remember for the entire CBS community.

Until next year…